Hi, I am Martynas.

Current status: instead of mowing my lawn, I spend most of my time climbing mountains and (part-time) maintaining Weave Net.

Me elsewhere:
* Github
* Climbing blog
* Mixcloud
* Music discoveries
* Old pictures

You can reach me via martynas@lambda.lt.

Technical writings:
* [2018-03-08] Linux Namespaces and Go Started to Mix
* [2017-05-30] Linux Namespaces And Go Don't Mix
* [2017-02-16] Fast Datapath Encryption in Weave Net
* [2015-10-07] Message Passing for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (Go on Barrelfish)
* [2014-09-15] A Task Parallel Run-Time System for the Barrelfish OS
* [2014-05-24] Area41 CTF Writeup